Debt Collection

With the current state of our economy everyone is feeling the pinch, so too do entities and individuals who are not able to recover monies owe to them. Allowing these bad debts to go unresolved will not only cost you money but also has the potential to put you in debt or out of business.

Our debt collection service has a solution to prevent such occurrences. Our qualified staff with their expert knowledge of the field maximises debt recovery. Our personalized service allows you to have direct interactions with our debt collection professional that is assigned to your matter. You will be provided with timely and relevant updates as well as tangible timelines for each stage of the collection process.

Our strategies are governed by professionalism and courtesy yet we are aggressive enough to effect successful debt collection without alienating the debtors.

We do not require an upfront payment and will only be compensated after we have successfully recovered the monies owed to you.

We offer customized debt recovery solutions that are tailored to our client’s needs:

- Consumer
- Commercial
- Legal Management
- Medical